Horopito & Garlic Sauce

The concept of Manaakitanga is  Aroha mai, aroha atu ... love towards us, love going out from us. Manaaki is translated as nurturing, respect and generosity, and importantly, hospitality.  What can possibly make a fellow feel better than good times and good experiences with good people, interspersed with great food. 

At the Omaka Marae in Blenheim, cook extraordinaire, Wendy Rogerson, has carried on the tradition of adapting tasty, classic preserves to produce the award-winning Manaaki condiment range using, amongst other ingredients, kamokamo (a NZ heritage vegetable), and native kawakawa and horopito leaves.

Cooking up a storm at the Marae, and often accompanied by “The Aunties” who peel, mince, chop, and stir, Wendy hand makes small batches when fruits and vegetables are in season, letting the simple ingredients take centre stage. She takes pride that 99% of the fresh ingredients are foraged from the Omaka Marae's gardens or sourced from local Marlborough growers.  


Garlico Marlborough is thrilled to provide the Marlborough grown garlic used in the Manaaki Horopito and Garlic Sauce.  This delicious new product launched in 2023 has been re-invented by “TheAunties” from a sauce recipe handed down through the generations from one oft heir koro. 

A simple way to use Manaaki Horopito and Garlic Sauce is as a tasty dipping sauce for fish or dumplings, or simply drizzled over meat and veg.  In recipes requiring balsamic vinegar, replace the vinegar with Horopito and Garlic Sauce for an extra zing.  It's also delicious as a marinade on chicken, as flavouring in slow smoked brisket and accompanying any BBQ fare.  And this sauce turns the humble pie, sausage roll or hot chips into something glam.  Wendy's favourite is macaroni cheese with a splash of Manaaki Horopito and Garlic Sauce.   

And the health benefits?

With cloves, ginger and garlic as ingredients there's a lot of gastrointestinal goodness going on.  Plus, in the words of those who have tried it ..."It's yummy so it makes you feel happy!"

Available now by visiting our store onsite.

For the extended range of Manaaki products visit tastemanaaki.com or take a trip to their onsite outlet ship at Omaka Marae.


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