Our Allium Products

Garlico Marlborough grows garlic, shallots and onion seeds on 60-70ha of leased land around Blenheim. The garlic and shallots are primarily for domestic sale and the onion seed grown under contract.

We use garlic seed (cloves) we have grown and harvested ourselves. This ensures our seed is clean, healthy and free of soil borne diseases that would play havoc with next season's yield.

With 10-15 cloves per bulb and 16 cloves planted per metre, you can imagine the huge number of cloves required   each season to plant out 60 hectares. With the assistance of a mechanical planter each clove is individually sown around the shortest time of the year to allow time for a good growing season.

Shallot seed is planted out during August and September and harvested about five months later.

Our garlic and shallots are available in supermarkets around New Zealand. We have an onsite shop at 854 Old Renwick Road where locals can shop directly and restaurateurs can source their orders.

We are excited to partner with Blackball Black Garlic, who produce consistent and stunningly delicious product from Garlico garlic. Visit their website to learn more.