Superior Quality
Marlborough grown New Zealand garlic
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Superior Quality
Marlborough grown New Zealand shallots
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Marlborough Honey
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Marlborough grown garlic and shallots

Are you ready to take your taste buds to new heights?

We provide superior quality New Zealand garlic and shallots grown in Marlborough, New Zealand. What a taste sensation!

Garlico products are seasonal, fresh and perfect for cooking, filled with great nutrients for you and your family and packed with flavour.

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Growing is our business. We are driven to plant, grow, harvest and market the best allium crops in Marlborough, and we want you, our consumers, to experience the best seasonal produce.

Garlico’s owners, brothers Alan and Robert are extremely proud that they personally grow their crops in the Marlborough region. Their extensive agricultural and horticultural knowledge of the Marlborough landscape, combined with long-term associations with quality local and regional service providers ensures top-notch produce is grown and packaged in Marlborough.

Down to earth, practical, and straight-talking, the Garlico team is here for you.